We stock one of the most extensive ranges of bridal and wedding fabrics in the UK, all available online by the metre - our portfolio of premium bridal fabrics is proving particularly popular which includes premium bridal silky feel duchess satin, organza, chiffon and mikado and our UK made premium bridal brocades.

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Semi-matt Soft Satin BLUSH PINK

Semi-matt Soft Satin BLUSH PINK£7.99

Semi-matt Soft Satin RED

Semi-matt Soft Satin RED£7.99

Semi-matt Soft Satin SKY

Semi-matt Soft Satin SKY£7.99

Shot Taffeta LEMON / BLUSH

Shot Taffeta LEMON / BLUSH£6.99

Soft Poly Tulle AMETHYST

Soft Poly Tulle AMETHYST£5.29

Soft Poly Tulle BLACK

Soft Poly Tulle BLACK£5.29

Soft Poly Tulle BURGUNDY

Soft Poly Tulle BURGUNDY£5.29

Sparkle Tulle SILVER / SILVER

Sparkle Tulle SILVER / SILVER£3.79

Stretch Duchess Satin DUCK EGG

Stretch Duchess Satin DUCK EGG£12.99

Stretch Duchess Satin PALE ROSE

Stretch Duchess Satin PALE ROSE£12.99

Stretch Textured Crepe NUDE

Stretch Textured Crepe NUDE£9.99

Two Tone Crinkle Chiffon CAPPUCCINO

Two Tone Crinkle Chiffon CAPPUCCINO£5.99

Very Fine Lace WHITE

Very Fine Lace WHITE£5.99

Very Soft Satin PALE YELLOW

Very Soft Satin PALE YELLOW£9.49

Very Soft Satin SILVER MINK

Very Soft Satin SILVER MINK£9.49

Busy Large Matt Sequin MOSS GREEN

Busy Large Matt Sequin MOSS GREEN£19.99   £12.99

Corded Flower Lace STEEL

Corded Flower Lace STEEL£12.99   £8.44

Corded Leaf Lace IVORY

Corded Leaf Lace IVORY£12.99

Corded Rose Flower Lace BLUSH PINK

Corded Rose Flower Lace BLUSH PINK£9.99


Crepe Back Satin CHERRY CHOCOLATE£6.99

Dainty Flower Organdy WHITE

Dainty Flower Organdy WHITE£8.99

Diamond Ice Velour IVORY

Diamond Ice Velour IVORY£7.99

Duchess Satin Classique PEPPERMINT

Duchess Satin Classique PEPPERMINT£9.49

Duchess Satin CYCLAMEN

Duchess Satin CYCLAMEN£8.99

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Page 11 of 42:    993 Items