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New Fabrics
Premium Bridal Silky Feel Duchess Satin WHITE

Premium Bridal Silky Feel Duchess Satin WHITE£10.99

Foil Spot Tulle PALE PINK / GOLD

Foil Spot Tulle PALE PINK / GOLD£4.99

Stretch Satin PALE BLUSH

Stretch Satin PALE BLUSH£6.99

Stretch Satin PINK BLUSH

Stretch Satin PINK BLUSH£6.99

Bamboo Effect Stretch Sequin Lace  NATURAL

Bamboo Effect Stretch Sequin Lace NATURAL£12.99

Leaf Design Tulle IVORY

Leaf Design Tulle IVORY£6.99

Leaf Design Tulle WHITE

Leaf Design Tulle WHITE£6.99

Duchess Satin AQUA

Duchess Satin AQUA£8.99

Duchess Satin NEW PINK

Duchess Satin NEW PINK£8.99

Premium Bridal Silk Mix Dupion IVORY

Premium Bridal Silk Mix Dupion IVORY£19.99

Scrunch Memory Taffeta IVORY

Scrunch Memory Taffeta IVORY£11.99

Scrunch Memory Taffeta NAVY

Scrunch Memory Taffeta NAVY£11.99

Three-dimensional Flower Tulle IVORY / CREAM

Three-dimensional Flower Tulle IVORY / CREAM£29.99

Vienna Crepe BLUSH

Vienna Crepe BLUSH£5.99

Vienna Crepe DARK NAVY

Vienna Crepe DARK NAVY£5.99

Vienna Crepe IVORY

Vienna Crepe IVORY£5.99

Vienna Crepe PLATINUM

Vienna Crepe PLATINUM£5.99

Vienna Crepe WHITE

Vienna Crepe WHITE£5.99

Abstract Pleated Polyester NAVY / OCHRE

Abstract Pleated Polyester NAVY / OCHRE£7.99

Crepe De Chine AQUA / PINK

Crepe De Chine AQUA / PINK£5.99

Digital Print Floral Chiffon MULTI

Digital Print Floral Chiffon MULTI£5.99

Sahara Sequin Tulle PEACH BLUSH / MATT GOLD

Sahara Sequin Tulle PEACH BLUSH / MATT GOLD£19.99

Tie Dye Crinkle Pleated Polyester NAVY

Tie Dye Crinkle Pleated Polyester NAVY£8.99

Premium Bridal Silky Feel Duchess Satin IVORY

Premium Bridal Silky Feel Duchess Satin IVORY£10.99

Duchess Satin SKY

Duchess Satin SKY£8.99

Premium Bridal Stretch Textured Crepe IVORY

Premium Bridal Stretch Textured Crepe IVORY£11.99

Duchess Satin LIGHT ROSE

Duchess Satin LIGHT ROSE£8.99

Duchess Satin OYSTER

Duchess Satin OYSTER£8.99

Eco Recycled Soft Tulle IVORY

Eco Recycled Soft Tulle IVORY£5.99

Metallic Effect Spot Tulle IVORY / SILVER

Metallic Effect Spot Tulle IVORY / SILVER£7.99

Soft Glitter Tulle PINK BLUSH

Soft Glitter Tulle PINK BLUSH£7.99

Very Soft Satin PALE ROSE

Very Soft Satin PALE ROSE£8.49

Criss Cross Leaf Corded Lace IVORY

Criss Cross Leaf Corded Lace IVORY£12.99

Flower Design Corded Lace IVORY

Flower Design Corded Lace IVORY£12.99

Lily Flower Stretch Bengaline IVORY

Lily Flower Stretch Bengaline IVORY£7.99

Lily Flower Stretch Bengaline PINK

Lily Flower Stretch Bengaline PINK£7.99

Stretch Sateen Print PINK BLACK

Stretch Sateen Print PINK BLACK£8.99


We specialise in eye-catching bridal, dance, theatrical, prom dress, craft and dress making fabrics, all sold by the metre.

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Need some advice?

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Need some advice?

A fantastic range of craft and dressmaking fabric online.

Depending upon the need and purpose of your fabric, it can be challenging to make the right fabric selection. Fabrics of a great quality need to be made up from good quality yarns. Different types of fabrics are very often used for various purposes so it is important to find a supplier like White Lodge Fabric that understands this. Trends in fabric change and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest fashions. Trying to fully get your head around all of the different fabric types can feel completely overwhelming at times, even for more experienced dressmakers.

It is easy to stick to the fabrics that you know best, but many fabrics will work well for different circumstances, and can even encourage you to become a more confident and adventurous sewer. With such a comprehensive array colours and textures available, making your choice between the range of modern fabrics can be tricky. Buying the right fabric for your project can be made easier if you follow a number of key points.

Choose a fabric that is fit for purpose.

With all projects, the very first thing that you need to think about is choosing a fabric that is fit for purpose. Different materials are more suited to certain jobs than others so it requires some thinking about beforehand. If you are looking for a fabric for a theatrical or dance costume for example it needs to be eye-catching, practical and hard wearing and may require some stretch fabric content. In contrast, if you are wanting to create a beautiful quilt or blanket, then obviously you will require a fabric which is soft and smooth. Before you begin any textile project, initially you must be crystal clear about your purpose for buying a fabric.

Premium quality fabric should be used where possible so it can withstand use in the circumstances where you need it. The best quality fabrics are tested for durability and dependability. These enviable qualities in top class fabrics make the results of your craft or dressmaking project last a long time. Also, the versatility of your fabric needs to be considered as you may want to get a lot of use out of your creation or maybe just use it once or twice.

planning and patterns

Planning and patterns.

You may be wondering what you should buy first, a sewing pattern for a new dress or if you should be buying the fabric first. Often it is easier to choose a sewing pattern before you shop for your fabric. When you have decided upon a pattern, you will know more accurately which types of fabric you are going to need and exactly how much of the fabric you will need to buy. However, when you see all of the fabrics that are available, this may make it so more difficult to stick to your initial plan. When you uncover some amazing fabrics that you simply cannot resist, it is sometimes wise to buy some of it to find a use for at a later time because some of our fabrics are only stocked once. Here at White Lodge Fabric, we have something for everyone and every project, feel free to call us for advice anytime, or bookmark our page for a later date.

Colourful creations.

The colour of your next fabric choice will also be very important and so you need a supplier with a wide range of modern colour ideas. Multiple colourful shades of fabric can be chosen to attract attention to your amazing creations but you do not want to buy poorly dyed materials. Dull and grey colouring of a fabric after one wash can be extremely disappointing, so please do call us for advice on fabric care if you are unsure. The majority of projects will require you to think about the surroundings and environment in which your fabric will be placed. Subtlety in shading really counts.

The types of coloured fabric available can be achieved with both natural or artificial dyes so knowing more about your options allows you to make an informed choice. Moreover, a colourful base fabric should also have a strong tight weave for colour fastness and to make the material practical as well as beautiful.

quantities of fabric

Quantities of fabric.

Particularly for large projects, you may wish to buy budget or discounted fabric that will help to save you lots of money over time. Numerous types of budget or discounted fabrics can really easily be used for multiple jobs and purposes. Many crafters or dressmakers are perpetually on the lookout for the latest quality bargain fabric. The real key to acquiring quality fabrics at such reasonable prices is by making the right choice of materials. As anyone who has happily gone fabric shopping before knows, the success of your project will boil down to fabric selection. Fabric shopping can be enormous fun and very rewarding and shopping around is a great way to save money. In the end, selecting the perfect fabric for your next project is a process of elimination. You will soon be more able to identify and rule out any fabrics that you feel will not work giving you what you need. There are multiple possible options to hand so why not have fun with fabrics. Respective fabrics all have their own attributes and applications but thorough planning can help you in choosing the most suitable fabric for your project.

Here at White Lodge Fabric we are always happy to help and encourage you to call us for advice. We have a fantastic selection of fabric for all projects, prices and levels of expertise.

Enjoy browsing through our website to find the perfect dressmaking and craft fabric online.