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Pleated stretch Sequin PALE BLUE

Pleated stretch Sequin PALE BLUE£19.99

Pleated stretch Sequin PINK BLUSH

Pleated stretch Sequin PINK BLUSH£19.99

Pleated stretch Sequin SILVER

Pleated stretch Sequin SILVER£19.99

Premium Bridal Stretch Mikado IVORY

Premium Bridal Stretch Mikado IVORY£18.99

Knitted Stretch Sequin Stripe BLUSH

Knitted Stretch Sequin Stripe BLUSH£16.99   £11.04

Powernet With Sequins BLACK

Powernet With Sequins BLACK£16.99

Premium Stretch Moss Crepe ICE GREEN

Premium Stretch Moss Crepe ICE GREEN£14.99

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey BLACK

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey BLACK£13.99

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey NAVY

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey NAVY£13.99

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey RED

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey RED£13.99

Bamboo Effect Stretch Sequin Lace  NATURAL

Bamboo Effect Stretch Sequin Lace NATURAL£12.99   £8.44

Matt Hanging Sequin Jersey SLATE BLUE / GREY

Matt Hanging Sequin Jersey SLATE BLUE / GREY£12.99

Premium Bridal Stretch Lustre Satin IVORY

Premium Bridal Stretch Lustre Satin IVORY£12.99

Premium Bridal Stretch Textured Crepe IVORY

Premium Bridal Stretch Textured Crepe IVORY£12.99

Stretch Duchess Satin CANDY

Stretch Duchess Satin CANDY£12.99

Stretch Duchess Satin DUCK EGG

Stretch Duchess Satin DUCK EGG£12.99

Stretch Duchess Satin NAVY

Stretch Duchess Satin NAVY£12.99

Stretch Duchess Satin NEW IVORY

Stretch Duchess Satin NEW IVORY£12.99

Stretch Duchess Satin OYSTER

Stretch Duchess Satin OYSTER£12.99

Stretch Duchess Satin PALE BLUSH

Stretch Duchess Satin PALE BLUSH£12.99

Stretch Duchess Satin PALE ROSE

Stretch Duchess Satin PALE ROSE£12.99

Stretch Duchess Satin RUBY

Stretch Duchess Satin RUBY£12.99

Stretch Duchess Satin WHITE

Stretch Duchess Satin WHITE£12.99

Stretch Sequin Mesh FLESH

Stretch Sequin Mesh FLESH£12.99

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Stretch fabric: The ability to stretch and return to its original shape.

Stretch fabric refers to fabric that has the ability to stretch and return to its original shape. This type of fabric is commonly made from synthetic fibres such as spandex or elastane, which have excellent stretch and recovery properties.

The most common types of stretch fabrics include knit and woven fabrics, both of which can be found in a wide range of weights, textures, and finishes. Knit fabrics, such as jersey and interlock, are typically soft and drapable, while woven fabrics, such as spandex and power mesh, are firmer and offer more support.

There are many benefits to using stretch fabrics in clothing, including increased comfort, freedom of movement, and a better fit. For example, stretch denim provides a comfortable fit that doesn't restrict movement, while stretch woven fabrics are often used in activewear and swimwear to provide support and ease of movement.

When purchasing stretch fabric online from White Lodge Fabric, you can expect a wide selection of high-quality stretch fabrics. We offer a user-friendly website that makes it easy to find and purchase the perfect fabric for your needs.

Before buying stretch fabric from White Lodge Fabric, it is important to consider the type of project you are working on and the level of stretch you require. For example, a tighter knit fabric with a higher percentage of spandex may be best for activewear, while a looser knit with a lower percentage of spandex may be more suitable for lounge wear.

Additionally, it's important to consider the care instructions for the specific stretch fabric you are purchasing, as some fabrics may require special washing and drying instructions to maintain their stretch and shape.

White Lodge Fabric offers competitive pricing and fast, reliable shipping, making it an excellent choice for those looking to purchase high-quality stretch fabric online. Overall, purchasing stretch fabric from White Lodge Fabric can provide you with the convenience and flexibility of shopping online, combined with the high quality and selection of a traditional fabric store.

Why choose White Lodge Fabric as your UK fabric supplier?

- We specialise in eye-catching dressmaking and craft fabric.
- We source dressmaking and craft fabric from all over the world.
- Order any quantity.
- Fast delivery.
- Sample service to check colours.
- Competitive prices.
- Order on-line or by phone, pay by credit / debit card or PayPal, we aim to post the same day.

If you are looking for stretch fabric, or any other type of fabric, White Lodge Fabric is the perfect fabric supplier for you. Why not take a look around our website to see a full overview of the fabric and thread that we offer? Alternatively, you can get in touch with us directly and speak to one of our team who are always ready to take your call and deal with any questions or enquiries that you may have.