We stock one of the most extensive ranges of bridal and wedding fabrics in the UK, all available online by the metre - our portfolio of premium bridal fabrics is proving particularly popular which includes premium bridal silky feel duchess satin, organza, chiffon and mikado and our UK made premium bridal brocades.

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Premium Bridal Twill WHITE

Premium Bridal Twill WHITE£9.99

Printed Duchess Satin NAVY / OATMEAL

Printed Duchess Satin NAVY / OATMEAL£9.99

Printed Flower Organdy GREEN

Printed Flower Organdy GREEN£9.99   £6.49

Reversible Tapestry Coating Fabric NAVY

Reversible Tapestry Coating Fabric NAVY£9.99

Soft Duchess Satin PEACH

Soft Duchess Satin PEACH£9.99

Soft Faux Suede TAN

Soft Faux Suede TAN£9.99   £6.49

Soft Glitter Tulle IVORY

Soft Glitter Tulle IVORY£9.99

Soft Glitter Tulle PINK BLUSH

Soft Glitter Tulle PINK BLUSH£9.99

Stretch Textured Crepe NAVY

Stretch Textured Crepe NAVY£9.99

Stretch Textured Crepe NEW IVORY

Stretch Textured Crepe NEW IVORY£9.99

Stretch Textured Crepe NUDE

Stretch Textured Crepe NUDE£9.99

Stretch Textured Crepe RED

Stretch Textured Crepe RED£9.99

Stretch Textured Crepe ROSE

Stretch Textured Crepe ROSE£9.99

Textured Faux Wool DARK NAVY

Textured Faux Wool DARK NAVY£9.99   £6.49

Tulle Lace Cord BLACK

Tulle Lace Cord BLACK£9.99

Duchess Satin ANTIQUE ROSE

Duchess Satin ANTIQUE ROSE£9.49

Duchess Satin BABY PINK

Duchess Satin BABY PINK£9.49

Duchess Satin BORDEAUX

Duchess Satin BORDEAUX£9.49

Duchess Satin CAPPUCCINO

Duchess Satin CAPPUCCINO£9.49

Duchess Satin CHARCOAL

Duchess Satin CHARCOAL£9.49

Duchess Satin Classique APRICOT

Duchess Satin Classique APRICOT£9.49

Duchess Satin Classique BLACK

Duchess Satin Classique BLACK£9.49

Duchess Satin Classique BLUSH

Duchess Satin Classique BLUSH£9.49

Duchess Satin Classique CHAMPAGNE

Duchess Satin Classique CHAMPAGNE£9.49

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Page 14 of 41:    981 Items