Trims and Appliques

Trims and Appliques

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Ornate Filigree Edging Trim IVORY

Ornate Filigree Edging Trim IVORY£2.99

Ornate Trellis Edging Trim IVORY

Ornate Trellis Edging Trim IVORY£2.99

Ornate Braid Edging Trim IVORY

Ornate Braid Edging Trim IVORY£1.99

Ornate Steps  Edging Trim IVORY

Ornate Steps Edging Trim IVORY£1.99

Button Looping IVORY

Button Looping IVORY£1.59

Button Looping WHITE

Button Looping WHITE£1.59

Non-slip Elastic BLACK

Non-slip Elastic BLACK£1.49

Non-slip Elastic IVORY

Non-slip Elastic IVORY£1.49

Non-slip Elastic NUDE

Non-slip Elastic NUDE£1.49

Non-slip Elastic WHITE

Non-slip Elastic WHITE£1.49

Sequin Drop Applique CERISE

Sequin Drop Applique CERISE£1.00

Sequin Drop Applique LILAC

Sequin Drop Applique LILAC£1.00

Sequin Drop Applique PURPLE

Sequin Drop Applique PURPLE£1.00   £0.70

Sequin Drop Applique RED

Sequin Drop Applique RED£1.00

Stretch Sequin Trim Plain EMERALD

Stretch Sequin Trim Plain EMERALD£1.00   £0.70

Stretch Sequin Trim Plain SILVER

Stretch Sequin Trim Plain SILVER£1.00

Stretch Sequin Trim Plain TURQUOISE

Stretch Sequin Trim Plain TURQUOISE£1.00   £0.70

Crinoline Nylon Horse Hair Braid IVORY

Crinoline Nylon Horse Hair Braid IVORY£0.79

Crinoline Nylon Horse Hair Braid WHITE

Crinoline Nylon Horse Hair Braid WHITE£0.79


Page 1 of 1:    20 Items

Trims and Appliques from White Lodge Fabric

We have many trims and appliques available to our customers, such as taffeta butterflies appliques in blue and red and taffeta anenome applique in purple and green.

Take a look at our fantastic range of trims and appliques, all of which are perfect and available to you!