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Blue Fabrics

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Ornate Beaded Tulle NAVY

Ornate Beaded Tulle NAVY£39.99

Busy Shiny Sequin NAVY

Busy Shiny Sequin NAVY£21.99

Tulle With Sequin Dainty Flower NAVY

Tulle With Sequin Dainty Flower NAVY£20.99

Busy Reversible Shiny Sequin NAVY / JADE

Busy Reversible Shiny Sequin NAVY / JADE£19.99   £12.99

Busy Shiny Hologram Sequin NAVY

Busy Shiny Hologram Sequin NAVY£19.99   £12.99

Busy Shiny Sequin ROYAL

Busy Shiny Sequin ROYAL£19.99   £12.99

Embroidered Sequin Tulle AQUA / BLUE

Embroidered Sequin Tulle AQUA / BLUE£19.99

Embroidered Sequin Tulle NAVY

Embroidered Sequin Tulle NAVY£19.99

Mosaic Sequin NAVY

Mosaic Sequin NAVY£19.99

Poly Knit Holo Sequin ROYAL

Poly Knit Holo Sequin ROYAL£19.95   £12.97

Embroidered Beaded Tulle NAVY

Embroidered Beaded Tulle NAVY£16.99

Knitted Stretch Sequin Stripe NAVY

Knitted Stretch Sequin Stripe NAVY£16.99

Embroidered Corded Sequin Tulle NAVY

Embroidered Corded Sequin Tulle NAVY£15.99

Circular Glitter Sequin Tulle NAVY

Circular Glitter Sequin Tulle NAVY£14.99   £9.74

Embroidered Flower Tulle NAVY

Embroidered Flower Tulle NAVY£13.99

Cord Flower Sequin Tulle NAVY

Cord Flower Sequin Tulle NAVY£12.99

Corded Lace NAVY

Corded Lace NAVY£12.99

Embroidered Tulle With Glitter BLUE

Embroidered Tulle With Glitter BLUE£12.99

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey NAVY

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey NAVY£12.99

Sequin Flower Corded Lace BLUE IVORY

Sequin Flower Corded Lace BLUE IVORY£12.99

Tulle Lace Cord DUCK EGG

Tulle Lace Cord DUCK EGG£12.99

Premium Moss Crepe DUCK EGG

Premium Moss Crepe DUCK EGG£11.99

Stretch Duchess Satin NAVY

Stretch Duchess Satin NAVY£10.99

Crepe Back Satin Superior MIDNIGHT NAVY

Crepe Back Satin Superior MIDNIGHT NAVY£9.99

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Page 1 of 6:    127 Items

A Selection of Blue Craft Fabric Suitable for any Occasion

White Lodge Fabric offer an extensive range of blue fabric materials to our customers. We pride ourselves on our high quality of blue fabrics, which is why we firmly believe that we should be your first and only choice when looking for craft or textile fabric online, anywhere in the UK. Our wide range of blue fabrics can be used in a variety of garment production, suitable for any occasion including dressmaking and suit making. Clothing made from our high quality fabrics will help you to achieve a look of elegance, whilst maintaining a stylish finish. If you are looking for blue fabrics, look no further than White Lodge Fabric.

White Lodge Fabric was formed in 2003 to supply dressmaking material for Irish dancing dresses. Since then we have expanded our range to include dressmaking fabrics for weddings, ice skating, ballroom dancing, ballet, stage wear, theatrical costumes and craft fabric. Our range of dressmaking fabrics include crepe fabric, satin fabric, chiffon fabric, cotton fabric, spandex / lycra fabric, velvet fabric and what we believe is an unrivalled range of sequin fabric, all sold by the metre!

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our blue fabric range, or any of the fabrics we stock. We are always on hand to take your call, answer your questions and deal with any enquiries that you may have. We can also offer expert advice about which of our blue fabrics would best meet your requirements. Our first class experience is unrivalled, so why not contact White Lodge Fabric today?

Affordable Blue Fabrics from White Lodge Fabric

White Lodge Fabric firmly believe that the quality of our blue fabrics are unparalleled throughout the UK. We are extremely proud of the high standard that we supply to each and every one of our customers. We are equally as proud of our fantastic affordable prices! Whether you are looking to create a brand new garment, or desperate to repair a piece of clothing which is dear to you, we have it all! Our blue fabrics are guaranteed to not only meet, but exceed your expectation, time and time again. No matter what you are in need of, White Lodge Fabric strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction with each and every piece of fabric and thread.

Our on-line store features thousands of dressmaking fabrics that are suitable for any occasion, and all are sold by the metre. We know how difficult it can to find a reliable source of bright coloured, eye-catching fabrics and that's why we have specialised in stocking a wide range of dressmaking and craft materials.

Why Choose White Lodge Fabric as your Fabric Supplier?

- We specialise in eye-catching dressmaking and craft fabric.
- We source dressmaking and craft fabric from all over the world.
- Order any quantity.
- Fast delivery.
- Sample service to check colours.
- Competitive prices.
- Order on-line or by phone, pay by credit / debit card or PayPal, we aim to post the same day.

Contact us Today for Blue Fabrics

If you are looking for blue fabrics, or any other type of fabric, White Lodge Fabric is the perfect fabric supplier for you. Why not take a look around our website to see a full overview of the fabric and thread that we offer? Alternatively, you can get in touch with us directly and speak to one of our team who are always ready to take your call and deal with any questions or enquiries that you may have about our blue fabrics, and the other fabrics we stock. We look forward to hearing from you and supplying you with fabrics for many years to come.