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Embroidered Chiffon Denim Applique MULTI

Embroidered Chiffon Denim Applique MULTI£10.99

Stretch Cotton Sateen LILAC / NAVY

Stretch Cotton Sateen LILAC / NAVY£10.99

Stretch Polyester Cotton RED / WHITE

Stretch Polyester Cotton RED / WHITE£10.99

Viscose Print BLUE LILY

Viscose Print BLUE LILY£10.99

Viscose Print Large Flower BLACK / CERISE

Viscose Print Large Flower BLACK / CERISE£10.99

Cotton Print Multi-Flowers BLUE

Cotton Print Multi-Flowers BLUE£9.99

Cotton Print Paisley MULTI

Cotton Print Paisley MULTI£9.99

Printed Flower Scuba GREY / BLACK

Printed Flower Scuba GREY / BLACK£9.99

Soft Touch Stretch Viscose BLUE

Soft Touch Stretch Viscose BLUE£9.99

Viscose Print Geometric BLUE / CAMEL

Viscose Print Geometric BLUE / CAMEL£9.99

Cotton Print Denim Look Flowers BLUE / PINK

Cotton Print Denim Look Flowers BLUE / PINK£8.99

Cotton Print Flowers RUST

Cotton Print Flowers RUST£8.99

Italian Cotton Print Birds AQUA

Italian Cotton Print Birds AQUA£8.99

Italian Cotton Print Birds PINK

Italian Cotton Print Birds PINK£8.99

Italian Cotton Print Flowers CREAM

Italian Cotton Print Flowers CREAM£8.99

Italian Cotton Print Flowers PINK

Italian Cotton Print Flowers PINK£8.99

Stretch Sateen Print PINK BLACK

Stretch Sateen Print PINK BLACK£8.99

Stretch Sateen Print RED GREEN

Stretch Sateen Print RED GREEN£8.99   £5.84

Viscose Print Floral VINTAGE ROSE

Viscose Print Floral VINTAGE ROSE£8.99

Viscose Print Geometric Chain BLUE

Viscose Print Geometric Chain BLUE£8.99

Viscose Print Geometric SPICE

Viscose Print Geometric SPICE£8.99

Cotton Print Flowers BLACK / PINK

Cotton Print Flowers BLACK / PINK£7.99

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Page 1 of 4:    76 Items

Printed Fabric from White Lodge Fabric

Our printed fabric is absolutely fantastic for anyone looking to create simply amazing products. Why not show someone that you care for them by using our printed fabric to create a simply wonderful garment for them?

If you are interested in our printed fabric products, feel free to take a look! We're absolutely positive that something will catch your eye.