New Fabrics

New Fabrics

At White Lodge Fabric we are consistently scouring the world for new and interesting, eye-catching fabrics suitable for your bridal and wedding, prom, evening, dance and theatrical dressmaking projects.

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Crinkle Satin AMETHYST

Crinkle Satin AMETHYST£5.99

Crinkle Satin IVORY

Crinkle Satin IVORY£5.99

Crinkle Satin WHITE

Crinkle Satin WHITE£5.99

Embroidered 3D Flower Tulle CREAM

Embroidered 3D Flower Tulle CREAM£14.99

Embroidered 3D Flower Tulle PINK

Embroidered 3D Flower Tulle PINK£14.99

Embroidered Tulle BOTTLE GREEN

Embroidered Tulle BOTTLE GREEN£14.99

Embroidered Tulle DUSKY ROSE

Embroidered Tulle DUSKY ROSE£14.99

Embroidered Tulle ICE GREEN

Embroidered Tulle ICE GREEN£14.99   £9.74

Embroidered Tulle IVORY GOLD

Embroidered Tulle IVORY GOLD£14.99

Embroidered Tulle WINE / NAVY

Embroidered Tulle WINE / NAVY£16.99

Metallic-effect Embroidered Tulle BLUSH

Metallic-effect Embroidered Tulle BLUSH£12.99

Metallic-effect Embroidered Tulle PINK

Metallic-effect Embroidered Tulle PINK£12.99

Metallic-effect Embroidered Tulle RED

Metallic-effect Embroidered Tulle RED£12.99

Hanging Sequin Shimmer AUBERGINE

Hanging Sequin Shimmer AUBERGINE£16.99

Pearlised Fantasia Sequin AQUA

Pearlised Fantasia Sequin AQUA£18.99

Pearlised Fantasia Sequin PEACH

Pearlised Fantasia Sequin PEACH£18.99

Reversible Flip Sequin LILAC

Reversible Flip Sequin LILAC£19.99

Reversible Flip Sequin MULTI-COLOURED

Reversible Flip Sequin MULTI-COLOURED£19.99

Stretch Linear Sequin BLACK / SILVER

Stretch Linear Sequin BLACK / SILVER£18.99

Two Tone Flip Sequin BLUE/GREEN

Two Tone Flip Sequin BLUE/GREEN£18.99

Ornate Guipure Flower Lace IVORY

Ornate Guipure Flower Lace IVORY£27.99

Ornate Beaded Sequin Tulle Fine Flower IVORY

Ornate Beaded Sequin Tulle Fine Flower IVORY£31.99

Micro Dog Tooth Check BLACK / WHITE

Micro Dog Tooth Check BLACK / WHITE£5.49

Polyester Boucle IVORY / TAUPE

Polyester Boucle IVORY / TAUPE£6.99

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Page 6 of 23:    530 Items