New Fabrics

New Fabrics

At White Lodge Fabric we are consistently scouring the world for new and interesting, eye-catching fabrics suitable for your bridal and wedding, prom, evening, dance and theatrical dressmaking projects.

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Acetate Satin HYACINTH

Acetate Satin HYACINTH£6.99

Shimmer Tafetta BRONZE

Shimmer Tafetta BRONZE£5.99


Tartan BLACKWATCH£4.99



Duchess Satin Nouveau ANTIQUE GOLD

Duchess Satin Nouveau ANTIQUE GOLD£7.99

Duchess Satin Nouveau CERISE

Duchess Satin Nouveau CERISE£7.99

Duchess Satin Nouveau DUSKY WINE

Duchess Satin Nouveau DUSKY WINE£7.99

Duchess Satin Nouveau HAZEL

Duchess Satin Nouveau HAZEL£7.99

Duchess Satin Nouveau PISTACHIO

Duchess Satin Nouveau PISTACHIO£7.99

Embroidered Ribbon Flower Tulle IVORY / CREAM

Embroidered Ribbon Flower Tulle IVORY / CREAM£12.99   £8.44

Eco Recycled Duchess Satin IVORY

Eco Recycled Duchess Satin IVORY£11.99

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey BLACK

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey BLACK£13.99

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey NAVY

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey NAVY£13.99

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey RED

Glitter Effect Stretch Jersey RED£13.99

Lightweight Silky Satin JADE

Lightweight Silky Satin JADE£5.99

Lightweight Silky Satin MAGENTA

Lightweight Silky Satin MAGENTA£5.99

Lightweight Silky Satin WINE

Lightweight Silky Satin WINE£5.99

Plain Lightweight Crepe NAVY

Plain Lightweight Crepe NAVY£5.49   £3.57

Plain Lightweight Crepe ROSE

Plain Lightweight Crepe ROSE£5.49

Plain Lightweight Crepe SPICE

Plain Lightweight Crepe SPICE£5.49   £3.57

Viscose Print JUNGLE

Viscose Print JUNGLE£4.99

Beaded Chiffon BLACK

Beaded Chiffon BLACK£6.99

Beaded Chiffon MIDNIGHT NAVY

Beaded Chiffon MIDNIGHT NAVY£6.99

Pleated stretch Sequin PALE BLUE

Pleated stretch Sequin PALE BLUE£19.99   £12.99

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Page 14 of 25:    599 Items