White Lodge Fabric was founded in 2003 to supply fabric for Irish dance dresses. Since then we have expanded our range of fabrics, many of which are selected with dancing and performing in mind. We source our dance fabrics from all over the world - from sequins to spandex, tulle to taffeta we believe we have an unrivalled dance fabric portfolio. 

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Very Lightweight Watermark Taffeta AQUA

Very Lightweight Watermark Taffeta AQUA£4.99

Very Lightweight Watermark Taffeta PINK

Very Lightweight Watermark Taffeta PINK£4.99

Very Lightweight Watermark Taffeta RUBY

Very Lightweight Watermark Taffeta RUBY£4.99

Viscose Print JUNGLE

Viscose Print JUNGLE£4.99

Viscose Print TROPICS

Viscose Print TROPICS£4.99

Waffle Stripe Jersey MINT

Waffle Stripe Jersey MINT£4.99   £3.24

Waffle Stripe Jersey PINK

Waffle Stripe Jersey PINK£4.99   £3.24

Woven Gingham Crepe NAVY

Woven Gingham Crepe NAVY£4.99

Yoryu Crinkle Chiffon BOTTLE

Yoryu Crinkle Chiffon BOTTLE£4.99

Yoryu Crinkle Chiffon MINK

Yoryu Crinkle Chiffon MINK£4.99

Rainbow Satin

Rainbow Satin£4.79

Poly chiffon georgette CORAL

Poly chiffon georgette CORAL£4.59   £2.98

Poly chiffon georgette NEW LILAC

Poly chiffon georgette NEW LILAC£4.59

Poly chiffon georgette NEW SILVER

Poly chiffon georgette NEW SILVER£4.59

Poly chiffon georgette NEW WINE

Poly chiffon georgette NEW WINE£4.59

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Page 37 of 45:    1,079 Items