We stock one of the most extensive ranges of bridal and wedding fabrics in the UK, all available online by the metre - our portfolio of premium bridal fabrics is proving particularly popular which includes premium bridal silky feel duchess satin, organza, chiffon and mikado and our UK made premium bridal brocades.

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Poly Dupion BABY PINK

Poly Dupion BABY PINK£7.49

Premium Bridal Organza DUSKY ROSE

Premium Bridal Organza DUSKY ROSE£7.99

Small Flock Spot Tulle IVORY

Small Flock Spot Tulle IVORY£8.19

Soft Poly Tulle PERIWINKLE

Soft Poly Tulle PERIWINKLE£5.29

Stretch Duchess Satin CANDY

Stretch Duchess Satin CANDY£12.99

Tulle With Pearls IVORY

Tulle With Pearls IVORY£12.99

Two-tone Taffeta BLUE

Two-tone Taffeta BLUE£4.99

Crepe Back Satin Superior BLACK

Crepe Back Satin Superior BLACK£10.99

Duchess Satin PALE MINK

Duchess Satin PALE MINK£9.49

Eco Recycled Duchess Satin IVORY

Eco Recycled Duchess Satin IVORY£11.99

Stretch Duchess Satin RUBY

Stretch Duchess Satin RUBY£12.99

Stretch Satin OLD GOLD

Stretch Satin OLD GOLD£6.99

Button Looping IVORY

Button Looping IVORY£1.69

Button Looping WHITE

Button Looping WHITE£1.69

Crepe Back Satin Superior PINK BLUSH

Crepe Back Satin Superior PINK BLUSH£10.99

Duchess Satin Classique NAVY

Duchess Satin Classique NAVY£9.49

Duchess Satin Classique ROSE GOLD

Duchess Satin Classique ROSE GOLD£9.49

Duchess Satin Classique VIOLET

Duchess Satin Classique VIOLET£9.49

Duchess Satin MOCHA

Duchess Satin MOCHA£9.49

Duchess Satin Nouveau FOREST

Duchess Satin Nouveau FOREST£7.99

Duchess Satin PALE ROSE

Duchess Satin PALE ROSE£10.99

Duchess Satin PLUM

Duchess Satin PLUM£9.49

Eco Recycled Soft Tulle IVORY

Eco Recycled Soft Tulle IVORY£5.99

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Page 4 of 42:    993 Items