Best Fabrics for Activewear and Why

15 March 2024  |  Admin

Best Fabrics for Activewear and Why

Selecting Activewear Fabrics: Performance and Comfort

Welcome to White Lodge Fabric - our most recent blog post examines the significance of choosing appropriate fabrics for activewear. It discusses moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester and nylon, breathable options such as spandex and mesh, stretch fabrics like elastane, compression materials, anti-odour technologies, and the importance of durability. By understanding these factors, individuals can make informed choices to enhance their workout experience and maximise performance.

Choosing the right fabric for activewear is crucial for performance, comfort, and durability.

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Fabrics like polyester and nylon are popular choices for activewear due to their moisture-wicking properties. These fabrics draw sweat away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable during workouts.

Breathable Fabrics

Breathability is essential for activewear to allow air to circulate and prevent overheating. Fabrics like spandex and mesh offer excellent breathability, ensuring optimal airflow during exercise.

Stretch Fabrics

Activewear requires fabrics with stretch and recovery to provide freedom of movement and support. Spandex, also known as elastane, is a common choice for its exceptional stretch properties, allowing for unrestricted movement during physical activities.

Compression Fabrics

Compression fabrics support and enhance circulation, reducing muscle fatigue and improving performance. Nylon and polyester blends with compression properties are popular for activewear, offering support and comfort.

Anti-Odour Fabrics

Fabrics treated with anti-odour technologies help to prevent the build-up of bacteria and eliminate odours, keeping activewear fresh even during intense workouts. Look for fabrics with antimicrobial treatments or natural fibres like bamboo, which have inherent antibacterial properties.


Durability is paramount for activewear to withstand frequent washing and intense workouts. Fabrics like nylon and polyester are known for their durability, ensuring that your activewear maintains its shape and performance over time.

Choosing the best fabrics for activewear is essential for comfort, performance, and longevity. Moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester and nylon keep you dry, breathable fabrics like spandex and mesh promote airflow, stretch fabrics like spandex provide freedom of movement, compression fabrics offer support, and anti-odour fabrics keep activewear fresh. Selecting the right fabrics can elevate your workout experience and maximise your performance.