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Very Fine Lace PALE BLUE

Very Fine Lace PALE BLUE£5.99

Very Fine Lace PINK BLUSH

Very Fine Lace PINK BLUSH£5.99

Very Fine Lace WHITE

Very Fine Lace WHITE£5.99

Very Lightweight Crepe PALE PINK

Very Lightweight Crepe PALE PINK£5.99

Very Lightweight Textured Crepe BLACK

Very Lightweight Textured Crepe BLACK£5.99

Very Lightweight Textured Crepe IVORY

Very Lightweight Textured Crepe IVORY£5.99

Very Lightweight Textured Crepe NAVY

Very Lightweight Textured Crepe NAVY£5.99

Vienna Crepe BLUSH

Vienna Crepe BLUSH£5.99

Vienna Crepe PLATINUM

Vienna Crepe PLATINUM£5.99

Satin Backed Dupion FUSCHIA

Satin Backed Dupion FUSCHIA£5.79

Dobby Spot Tulle BLACK

Dobby Spot Tulle BLACK£5.49

Dobby Spot Tulle IVORY

Dobby Spot Tulle IVORY£5.49

Ornate Lily Edging Trim IVORY

Ornate Lily Edging Trim IVORY£5.49

Plain Taffeta WHITE

Plain Taffeta WHITE£5.49

Animal Print Textured Foil Chiffon BLACK SILVER

Animal Print Textured Foil Chiffon BLACK SILVER£4.99   £3.24

Cationic Taffeta BURGUNDY

Cationic Taffeta BURGUNDY£4.99

Cationic Taffeta COPPER

Cationic Taffeta COPPER£4.99

Cationic Taffeta GRAPE

Cationic Taffeta GRAPE£4.99   £3.24

Cationic Taffeta NAVY

Cationic Taffeta NAVY£4.99

Cationic Taffeta RED

Cationic Taffeta RED£4.99

Cationic Taffeta RIOJA

Cationic Taffeta RIOJA£4.99

Cationic Taffeta TURQUOISE

Cationic Taffeta TURQUOISE£4.99

Chiffon Shimmer DUSKY LILAC / GOLD

Chiffon Shimmer DUSKY LILAC / GOLD£4.99

Chiffon Shimmer OLD GOLD

Chiffon Shimmer OLD GOLD£4.99

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Page 32 of 46:    1,093 Items