We stock one of the most extensive ranges of bridal and wedding fabrics in the UK, all available online by the metre - our portfolio of premium bridal fabrics is proving particularly popular which includes premium bridal silky feel duchess satin, organza, chiffon and mikado and our UK made premium bridal brocades.

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Artistic Crinkle Brocade PLUM

Artistic Crinkle Brocade PLUM£8.99

Artistic Regal Brocade LILAC

Artistic Regal Brocade LILAC£8.99

Dainty Flower Organdy WHITE

Dainty Flower Organdy WHITE£8.99

Dainty Variegated Lace TEAL

Dainty Variegated Lace TEAL£8.99   £5.84

Dainty Variegated Lace WINE

Dainty Variegated Lace WINE£8.99   £5.84

Duchess Satin BURNT ORANGE

Duchess Satin BURNT ORANGE£8.99

Duchess Satin BUTTERMILK

Duchess Satin BUTTERMILK£8.99

Duchess Satin CYCLAMEN

Duchess Satin CYCLAMEN£8.99

Duchess Satin Glacier BLUE

Duchess Satin Glacier BLUE£8.99

Duchess Satin TURQUOISE

Duchess Satin TURQUOISE£8.99

Embroidered Stem and Flower Organza WHITE

Embroidered Stem and Flower Organza WHITE£8.99

Floral Jacquard BLUE / GREEN

Floral Jacquard BLUE / GREEN£8.99

Floral Jacquard RED / CORAL

Floral Jacquard RED / CORAL£8.99

Floral Lace Overlay PALE BLUE

Floral Lace Overlay PALE BLUE£8.99

Geometric Stretch Lace BLACK

Geometric Stretch Lace BLACK£8.99

Geometric Stretch Lace IVORY

Geometric Stretch Lace IVORY£8.99   £5.84

Lightweight Pleated Polyester NAVY / SILVER

Lightweight Pleated Polyester NAVY / SILVER£8.99

Lightweight Pleated Polyester PALE GOLD

Lightweight Pleated Polyester PALE GOLD£8.99

Narrow Lace 10 metre Roll IVORY

Narrow Lace 10 metre Roll IVORY£8.99

Polyester / Wool Boucle AQUA / GREEN

Polyester / Wool Boucle AQUA / GREEN£8.99

Polyester Boucle NATURAL / AQUA

Polyester Boucle NATURAL / AQUA£8.99

Polyester Boucle NATURAL / PINK

Polyester Boucle NATURAL / PINK£8.99

Soft Metallic Effect Tulle SILVER

Soft Metallic Effect Tulle SILVER£8.99

Stretch Duchess Satin RED

Stretch Duchess Satin RED£8.99

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Page 18 of 42:    1,001 Items